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Traveling With Your Pet – Air France Pet Policy

    Air France Pet Policy
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    Air France Pet Policy 2023

    Hello there, welcome to, today in this post we explain to you about Air France Pet Policy. So, if you are thinking of flying with your pet like a dog or cat then this post will be beneficial to you.

    Sometimes, we need to fly with our pets due to some reasons like we can’t leave them alone if we are going for a long vacation.

    In this post, we will aware you of the Air France pet policy so that you can travel with your pet comfortably. Due to this, you can travel a hassle-free journey with your pet.

    What Is Air France’s Pet Policy?

    Here are some key details about Air France’s pet policy that you must know:

    Air France allows passengers to travel with small pets (dogs and cats) in the cabin on most flights. The pet’s weight must be less than 6-8 kg (including the transport bag or container).

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    Guide dogs and service animals are allowed on all Air France flights at no additional cost. But advance notice is required.

    Pet Cabin And Fees

    According to the Air France Pet Policy, you can travel with your pet but for that, you need to pay some fees. For pets traveling in the cabin, the pet carrier must be approved by the airlines. Apart from this, the pet carrier has a hard-sided or soft-sided carrier that fits under the seat in front of you. The maximum dimensions of the pet carrier must be 45 x 35 x 20 cm.

    One passenger can only take one pet with them in the cabin. There is a fee to transport pets in the cabin. The cost is €50 each way for domestic and intra-Europe flights, and €200 each way for intercontinental flights.

    Pets are not allowed in the cabin on flights to the UK and Ireland. If you still want to fly with your pet, then they must travel as checked baggage.

    Air France Large Pet Policy

    Larger pets can travel as checked baggage on most Air France flights for a fee. They must be in an IATA-compliant crate.

    There are restrictions and bans for transporting pets as cargo to some destinations. Advance arrangements are required for such types of pets.

    Pet policies, fees, and documentation requirements may vary by route, so it’s important to check with Air France before booking.

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    In summary, small pets in carriers can travel in the cabin for a fee. While larger animals can be transported as checked baggage if arrangements. Be sure to consult Air France directly for full details on current pet policies and any restrictions by destination.

    Best Tips To Travel With Your Pet In Air France

    Here are some tips for traveling with your pet on Air France flights. Read them so that you can easily travel with your pet comfortably.

    Book Early

    There is a limited number of pet spots available in the cabin on each flight. Reserve these well in advance.

    Get The Right Carrier

    Ensure that you choose the right carrier for your pet so that it fits under the seat. Soft-sided carriers should have mesh panels for ventilation.

    Proper Identification

    Pets should have a microchip and/or ID tag with your contact info. Have a leash ready for airport screening.

    Required Documents

    You’ll need a veterinary health certificate for international destinations and possibly proof of vaccinations. Check Air France’s requirements.

    Prepare Your Pet

    Get your pet ready with the carrier in advance. Feed them lightly on travel days. Give them a walk before boarding. Bring water, their usual food, medication, cleanup bags, and comfort items.

    Check-In And Screening

    Allow extra time at the airport. Pets must go through security screening. Take your pet out of the carrier and carry it through the metal detector.

    At The Gate

    Advise staff you have an in-cabin pet. They’ll direct you to pre-board to get settled with your pet before other passengers board.


    Keep your pet in the carrier with the door closed. Do not let them out in the cabin. Comfort them if anxious. Watch for signs of stress.

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    Following these tips will help make the flight comfortable for both you and your pet when traveling Air France together. Let them handle the logistics while you focus on preparing your pet.

    What Is The Pet Policy For International Flights?

    If you are flying an international flight and want to take your pet with you. Then you need to check the rules for taking pets on an international flight. Here are the key points of Air France’s pet policy for international flights, please check.

    • You can take your small pets in the cabin but their weight must be under 6-8kg including carrier. The fee for most long-haul international flights is €200 each way. This applies to dogs, cats, and some other small household animals.
    • One passenger can only take one pet with them in the cabin. The animal must remain in an approved carrier under the seat for the entire flight.
    • For the UK and Ireland destinations, pets can only travel in the hold as checked baggage. You can’t take them in the cabin.
    • If you want to take your pet with you in the cabin then you must make advance reservations. Fix space is available for the pet in the cabin. Be sure to notify Air France as early as possible.
    • Certain dog breeds may be restricted, especially on flights to and from the UK due to regulations.
    • All pets traveling internationally require a veterinary health certificate, vaccination records, and other import/export documents. Air France can advise on requirements.
    • Pets are checked as baggage travel based on size/breed, with fees starting around €200 each way. IATA guidelines for pet crates must be followed.
    • There may be country-specific restrictions, embargos, or quarantine periods. Check regulations for your destinations.

    So, in summary, small pets can fly internationally in the cabin for a fee, but make sure you notify Air France in advance and have all required veterinary documentation.

    Larger animals must be checked and travel according to baggage allowances. Always verify pet entry rules for international destinations.


    So, I hope after reading this post, you have no further questions in your mind regarding Air France Pet Policy. We have FAQs also here for your help so that you can easily get all the answers regarding pet policy.

    To get instant help, you can call us anytime at our toll-free number +1-888-797-9785. Visit our site and use live chat support for free to get help.

    FAQs On Air France Pet Policy

    Here are some FAQs about Air France’s pet policy:

    Question: What pets are allowed in-cabin?

    Answer: You can take your small dogs and cats in the cabin but their weight must be under 8 kg with their carrier. One passenger can only take one pet with them in the cabin.

    Question: What kind of carrier is required?

    Answer: Pets must travel in an approved hard or soft-sided carrier that fits completely under the seat in front of you. Maximum size is 45 x 35 x 20 cm. Carriers should have proper ventilation.

    Question: What is the in-cabin pet fee? 

    Answer: The fee is €50 each way for flights within France and Europe, and €200 each way for intercontinental flights.

    Question: Can pets travel as checked baggage?

    Answer: Yes, larger pets can be checked and transported in the hold if arrangements are made in advance. Fees start from €200 each way depending on the route.

    Question: What documents do pets need?

    Answer: For international travel, all pets need a veterinary health certificate, vaccination records, international health certificate, and any destination-specific permits required.

    Question: Are service animals allowed? 

    Answer: Yes, accredited service dogs can travel at no charge on any Air France flight if advance notice is provided.

    Question: What should pets have for the flight?

    Answer: Bring adequate food, medications, clean-up bags, water, and up-to-date ID tags and paperwork. Prepare your pet for the journey to minimize stress.

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