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A Complete Guide On How To Do Air France Check In

    Air France Check In
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    Air France Check-In

    Flying with Air France in 2023? Make your journey easier by checking in online or at the airport ahead of time. Read this full article and get the complete guide on Air France check-in options, check-in times, and how to cancel Air France check-in if needed.

    Here, we will explain to you all about on how to do Air France Online Check-In quickly and easily. So, if you want a hassle-free and enjoyable journey then must read this post. You can also bookmark this page or call directly to our tech support team at +1-888-797-9785.

    Our tech team will assist you with all the possible solutions and give you all the knowledge that you want.

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    Let’s start with the Check-In introduction of the Air France flight.

    Intro To Air France Check-in

    Air France allows passengers to check in online starting 24 hours before departure. Checking in and obtaining your boarding pass in advance speeds you through the airport on travel day.

    Air France Check-in Options

    Air France has some different check-in options that you can use according to your needs. All the check-in options we give here in this post. Read and learn what the options are for Air France Check-In.

    Online Check-In

    • Online check-in is available 24 hours before your flight departure.
    • Complete via the Air France website or mobile app.
    • Print or download a mobile boarding pass.
    How To Check-in Air France Online?

    The easiest way to check in for your Air France flight is on the airline’s website or mobile app. You’ll need your 6-character booking reference to access online check-in. Log in 24 hours before your flight to choose your seat and print or download your boarding pass.

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    Checking in online allows you to bypass check-in lines at the airport. If you have only carry-on bags, you can go straight to airport security.

    Here are the step-by-step instructions for Air France Check-In:

    1. First of all, open the Air France website or mobile app. You can use any one of them for check-in.
    2. Enter your booking reference number and last name that is given on your ticket. It is generally a 6-digit code. This information is in your reservation confirmation email if you don’t already have it handy.
    3. Select your seats. You can change your seat assignments if available at that time. Choose seats together for your travel party for more comfort.
    4. Add any extra services if you need them. Purchase additional baggage allowance, reserve meals, or select other flight extras.
    5. Accept the terms and conditions. Read and agree to Air France’s conditions for online check-in.
    6. It is recommended to download or print your boarding pass for a hassle-free flight. You’ll need to display this boarding pass on your phone or print it to get through security and board your flight.
    7. Check your baggage information. Verify your baggage allowance and fees to avoid surprises at the airport.

    And that’s it! With online check-in complete, you can skip the check-in lines and head straight to airport security when you arrive.

    Enjoy a smooth, stress-free trip with the convenience of Air France web check-in.

    Airport Kiosk Check-In

    • Available 2 hours to 45 minutes before departure.
    • Self-service kiosks are located in the airport lobby.
    • Printing service is also available there to print your boarding pass and luggage tags.
    How To Do Airport Kiosk Check-In?

    Here are the steps to complete your Air France airport kiosk check-in:

    Locate the Check-In Kiosks

    Once you arrive at the airport, find the Air France check-in kiosks. They are usually located in the airline’s check-in area and are signposted.

    Scan Your Booking Code

    At the kiosk, scan the barcode on your booking confirmation or enter your 6-character booking code.

    Confirm Passenger Details

    Verify all passenger details are correct and make any necessary changes.

    Choose Your Seats

    If available, select your preferred seat assignments for the flight.

    Add Baggage

    Select the number of bags you need to check and pay for any additional baggage fees.

    Print Boarding Passes and Baggage Tags

    Print your boarding passes and luggage tags from the kiosk. Attach tags to your checked bags.

    Proceed to Baggage Drop

    Take your checked bags to the baggage drop or airport counter to hand over to staff.

    Head to Security

    With a boarding pass in hand, proceed through airport security to your gate. Enjoy a quick, efficient trip through the airport!

    Let the kiosk simplify your check-in process. Now head straight to security with your boarding pass printed and bags checked.

    Airport Counter Check-In

    • Staffed check-in desks for assistance.
    • Generally, open 3 hours before departure.
    • May have separate counters for business class, etc.
    How To Do Airport Counter Check-In?

    Here are the steps for completing your Air France airport counter check-in:

    Find the Check-In Counters

    Once inside the airport terminal, locate the Air France airline check-in counters. Look for signs or monitors to find the correct area.

    Get in the Proper Line

    There may be separate lines for different classes of service, destinations, etc. Make sure you are queueing in the correct line.

    Approach the Counter

    When you reach the front of the line, approach the airline representative at the check-in counter.

    Provide Your Booking Code

    Give the agent your 6-character Air France booking reference code, either printed or on your mobile device.

    Show Identification

    Present your valid passport or other government-issued photo ID.

    Get Your Boarding Pass

    The agent will print your boarding pass(es) for your flight.

    Check Bags

    If you have luggage to check, the agent will take your bags, attach tags, and provide claim checks.

    Ask Any Questions

    Inquire about seat selections, upgrades, airport amenities, etc. if needed.

    Head to Security

    With your boarding pass in hand, proceed to airport security screening.

    Airline counter check-in provides personalized assistance. Arrive early to allow time for longer lines during peak travel periods. Friendly agents are there to help with any questions or concerns.

    City Office Check-In

    • Available at selected Air France city ticket offices.
    • You can check in and take a print of your boarding passes in advance.
    • Located in city centers, train stations, etc.
    How To Do Air France Check-In Through City Office?

    Here are the steps for completing your check-in at a city office:

    Find Your Local City Office

    Air France has city offices located in travel hubs like city centers and train stations. Use their office locator to find one near you.

    Go During Open Hours

    City offices have limited hours, so plan your visit during opening times. Typically, 8 am – 6 pm on weekdays.

    Provide Your Booking Code

    Bring your 6-character France flight booking code to check-in. Have it printed or ready on your phone.

    Show Valid ID

    Present a valid passport, driver’s license, or other official photo identification.

    Get Your Boarding Pass

    The agent will print your boarding pass(es) for your upcoming Air France flight.

    Check Bags if Desired

    If you want to check bags, the agent can take your luggage, attach tags, and issue claim checks.

    Add Extra Services

    Purchase any additional services like seat selection, extra legroom, or in-flight meals.

    Review Details

    Carefully review all details on your boarding pass before leaving the city office.

    Head to the Airport

    On your day of travel, arrive at the airport already checked in and ready to go! Proceed directly to security.

    City office check-in allows you to bypass counter and kiosk lines. Look up locations near you and check in in advance with Air France.

    Phone Check-In

    • Call Air France phone check-in 24 hours before departure.
    • Provide your booking code and personal details.
    • Receive a text or email with your mobile boarding pass.
    How To Do Air France Airlines Check In Through Phone?

    Here are the steps to check in with Air France by phone:

    Find Phone Check-In Number

    The Air France phone check-in number should be listed on their website or on your booking confirmation.

    Call at Least 24 Hours Before Departure

    Phone check-in opens 24 hours prior to your scheduled flight time.

    Provide Booking Code

    When prompted, enter your 6-character Air France booking reference code.

    Verify Personal Details

    Confirm the details matched to your booking like legal name, birth date, etc.

    Select Seats if Desired

    Request new seat assignments if available on your flight.

    Add Extras Like Baggage

    Purchase any additional services through the automated phone system.

    Receive Mobile Boarding Pass

    After check-in is completed, you’ll receive a mobile boarding pass via text or email.

    Arrive at Airport Ready to Go

    With phone check-in complete, head straight to airport security when you arrive.

    Have Your Mobile Pass Ready

    Make sure to have your digital boarding pass accessible on your phone for scanning at security and boarding gates.

    Phone check-in allows you to bypass counters and kiosks for a smooth, streamlined trip. Follow the automated system prompts to check in with Air France by phone.

    Choose the most convenient option for you, and arrive prepared with your booking reference number and passport. Checking in early ensures a smooth start to your Air France journey.

    Cancel Your Air France Check-in

    Need to cancel your check-in with Air France? You can cancel online check-in up to 40 minutes before your flight. To cancel, simply login to manage your booking.

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    For kiosk or counter check-in, there is no cancellation process. Just do not show up at the gate.

    Air France Web Check-in Tips

    To ensure a smooth web check-in experience:

    • Have your booking reference code handy.
    • Check-in as early as possible – 24 hours prior to departure.
    • Save your boarding pass to your mobile device or take a print of your boarding pass.
    • Check baggage allowance to avoid fees at the airport.

    These are some tips that you can use for hassle-free check-in for Air France flights.

    Know Before You Go: Air France Check-in Times

    Check-in closing times vary depending on your departure airport and destination. As a general guideline:

    • Online check-in closes 40 minutes before departure.
    • Airport kiosk check-in closes 45 minutes before departure.
    • The staffed check-in counter closes 45 minutes before departure.
    • Keep in mind that the Gates close 15 minutes before the flight departure time. So, try to arrive on time.

    Get to the airport early to avoid stress! Now you’re ready for quick and easy Air France registration.


    This is all for Air France check-in. After reading this post, I bet you, you will not face any issues with your Air France flight registration. But still, if you are confused or have any issues then feel free to call us at +1-888-797-9785. Use our live chat service for free and ask anything regarding your flight to our tech team.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Please check the frequently asked questions, it will help you to get your answers quickly.

    Question: How early can I check in with Air France?

    Answer: You can register with Air France 30 minutes before your flight departure.

    Question: What is the benefit of online check in Air France?

    Answer: The biggest benefit that you get in online check-in is you don’t need to reach at airport before 3 to 4 hours to your flight schedule. Apart from this, using online check-in you can get rid of long queues.

    Question: When can I check-in for international travel?

    Answer: For an international flight, you need to arrive at the airport 3 hours before the departure.

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