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Know All About Air France Baggage Policy 2023

    Air France baggage policy
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    Air France Baggage Policy 2023

    Traveling on Air France? Here is what you need to know about the airline’s baggage fees, allowance, tracking, claims, and tags when flying with them. Check Air France Baggage Policy 2023 so that you can enjoy your flight without any issues.

    Our baggage is a necessity in our transportation. In our bags, we put our needy things so whenever we are going to travel, we put some things that we need. But we can’t take all the things in our bag because there are some baggage policies in the airline. So, we need to know about these baggage policies whenever we travel by Air France.

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    In this post, we will guide you about the Air France Baggage Policy so that when you go for a flight you have no problem.

    Air France Baggage Allowance

    Air France has free carry-on baggage allowances based on your fare type and destination.

    • Within France/Europe: If you are traveling within France/Europe then the Economy class passenger gets 1 item up to 12 kg and the Business class passenger gets 2 items up to 16 kg total.
    • Intercontinental: In an international flight, Economy gets 1 item up to 12 kg; Premium Economy gets 2 items up to 18 kg total; Business gets 2 items up to 18 kg total.

    For checked bags, the maximum dimensions per piece are 158 cm total (length + width + height) and weight limits are 23 kg for Economy and 32 kg for Business/First. Restrictions may differ for some destinations so always check your fare rules.

    Air France Baggage Fees Policy

    Air France charges baggage fees for checked bags based on your destination, fare type, and Premier status. Here we give all baggage fees for all types of destinations whether you travel on domestic or international flights. Please have a look.

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    Flights within France: Fees range from free for Premier Elite & Elite Plus to €30 for the first bag and €40 for the second for basic Economy fares.

    Flights within Europe: Fees range from free for Premier Elite to €25-€30 for the first bag and €35-€40 for the second bag on basic fares.

    Intercontinental flights: First bags are free for Prestige fares. For other fares, fees range from €30-€50 for the first checked bag and €50-€70 for the second bag.

    Excess and oversized baggage fees also apply if your bags exceed the size or weight limits. Save money by pre-paying for bags online when booking.

    Claiming Lost Baggage With Air France 

    Sometimes it happens that we did not receive our baggage at our flight destination. If your checked bags don’t arrive at your destination, immediately file a claim at the airport’s lost luggage desk before leaving the airport.

    Give them your baggage tag receipts and contact details. They will search for your bag and deliver it to you free of charge when found.

    You can also track the claim status online and enter reimbursement requests if your bag remains lost. We recommend getting baggage insurance to cover losses. Make sure to keep receipts for any essential items you buy while waiting for your bag.

    Understanding Air France Baggage Tags

    When you check in luggage with Air France, each piece will get a printed adhesive baggage tag showing your flight details, barcodes, and a 10-digit bag tag number.

    This e-tag contains an electronic chip with data that allows your bag to be tracked and identified as it travels through the airport baggage systems.

    The tag may have different background colors indicating priority, first/business class, connecting flights, etc. Don’t remove the tag until you claim your bag at your final destination.

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    So, don’t forget to add a baggage tag next time you travel. It will help you to find your bag if any mishappening happens.

    Tracking Checked Bags With Air France

    You can track the status of your checked bags with Air France in a few ways.

    • Enter your 10-digit baggage tag number on their website’s luggage tracking page.
    • Use the Air France app’s luggage tracker option when you have a flight booking.
    • Look for bag status updates on your flight’s baggage claim monitors and screens.

    This lets you see when your bag is loaded, unloaded, and delivered at each airport, giving you peace of mind that your luggage is on its way.


    In conclusion, in this post, we covered the Air France baggage policy, baggage fees, and how to get a lost bag. If you want to know more about Air France’s baggage policy, then call us at +1-888-797-9785.

    Start a live chat to get instant help.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Here are some common FAQs about the Air France baggage policy:

    Question: What is the carry-on baggage size limit on Air France?

    Answer: Air France allows carry-on bags up to 55 x 35 x 25 cm in size for economy class travelers. For business class, the maximum size is 5 cm larger in each dimension. Your carry-on must fit in the sizers at the gate.

    Question: Does Air France allow musical instruments as a carry-on?

    Answer: Yes, small musical instruments like violins or guitars can be brought on board as your free carry-on item as long as they fit the size limits.

    Question: How many checked bags can you have on Air France?

    Answer: Air France allows a maximum of 2 checked bags for economy class passengers and 3 checked bags for business class passengers on international flights. On domestic flights within France, the limits are 1 or 2 bags respectively.

    Question: What is the weight limit for checked baggage on Air France?

    Answer: Air France has a weight limit of 23 kg for each checked bag in the economy and 32 kg per bag in business/first class.

    Question: Does Air France charge for strollers and car seats?

    Answer: No, Air France transports baby strollers, car seats, and carriers free of charge on all itineraries.

    Question: Can you pool luggage with someone on the same Air France flight? 

    Answer: Yes, Air France allows customers traveling together to check their luggage under one person’s name. The overall allowance limits still apply.

    Question: What should you do if your bag is damaged by Air France?

    Answer: Report damaged checked luggage to the airport staff immediately. Air France’s liability is limited by international conventions, so you may need to file an insurance claim on top of any compensation given.

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