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What Is American Airlines Pet Policy 2023?

    american airlines pet policy
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    About Pet Policy At American Airlines In Detail

    If you want to know about Pet Policy at American Airlines then you are at the right place. Here, you will find the complete details about Pet Policy at American Airlines. So, move ahead, and in case of any issues related to it, contact the experts right away for any related queries about the pet policy at American Airlines.

    Details About Carry On & Transport Your Pet

    It is totally dependent on the animal breed as well as size for carrying on or transporting via American Airlines Cargo. Carry-on pets are only dependent on their size, age as well as destination. If you follow all the requirements according to American Airlines Pet Policy then only, you can take your pets along with you.

    Also, the airlines only accept checked pets at the ticket counter who are available for active-duty U.S. Military as well as U.S. State Department foreign service personnel and they must have official orders. Also, fees, as well as restrictions, are applied to it. The fully-trained service dogs can easily fly in the cabin at no charge but only if they meet the complete requirements.

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    Along with that, you must contact reservations before your trip so that the airlines can easily notify you of all the requirements as well as travel changes so that it doesn’t affect your pet as well as you!

    Destinations That Allow You To Travel With Your Pets

    You can easily travel with a pet on flights up to 12 hours from the locations described below;

    • Within the 48 contiguous United States
    • The U.S. and Canada*
    • Alaska
    • Mexico*
    • Puerto Rico
    • Croix
    • Thomas

    Note that, some restrictions may be applied while traveling with the pets to or from the destinations mentioned above!

    Carry-on Pets

    According to Pet Policy in American Airlines, you should bring 1 kennel as your carry-on bag if;

    • You are paying a carry-on pet fee
    • Your pet stays only in the kennel and can keep under the seat in front of you for the entire journey

    Note: You can only travel with your pet carrier as well as one personal item and also, you won’t be permitted to bring any carry-on bag along with you. Also, the kennel will replace all your carry-on bags.

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    In another case, if your pet is too large for flying in the cabin then in such case, you just need to travel with American Airlines Cargo. Not only that, but you need to accept the checked pets for active duty personnel who are traveling on official orders. And the pet carrier needs to meet all the kennel guidelines for the check met and if you fail to meet those needs in such case then the pet may not be allowed to travel with you and also, and other fees and restrictions can be applied.

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    You must check for all the bag fees applied and must go through them;

    • Kennel guidelines for carry-on pets
    • Kennel limitations for carry-on pets
    • Carry-on pet restrictions

    About Checked Pets

    The airlines will only accept checked pets for the active-duty U.S. military or another service only if you have official orders for that. Only up to 2 dogs are accepted and they should meet the minimum age as well as health requirements. Also, due to less capacity, first-come dogs will be allowed.

    While going for checking, you should;

    • Reach the reservations at least 48 hours before travel
    • Check-in at the ticket counter along with the official orders
    • Allow extra check-in time
    • Complete the checklist along with the agent
    • Provide the health certificate of your dogs

    The health certificate must be issued by a vet and it should be before 10 days of travel and 60 days of your return if traveling on the same ticket.

    Also, you must check pet restrictions

    For Cat

    The airlines don’t accept brachycephalic cats such as;

    • Burmese
    • Persian
    • Himalayan
    • Exotic Shorthair

    For Dog

    The airlines don’t accept brachycephalic or snub-nosed dogs such as;

    • Affenpinscher
    • American Staffordshire Terrier
    • Boston Terrier
    • Boxer (all breeds)
    • Brussels Griffon
    • Bulldog (all breeds)
    • Cane Corso
    • Chow Chow
    • Dogue De Bordeaux
    • English Toy Spaniel
    • Japanese Chin
    • Lhasa Apso
    • Mastiff (all breeds)
    • Pekingese
    • Pit Bull
    • Presa Canario
    • Pug (all breeds)
    • Shar Pei
    • Shih Tzu
    • Staffordshire Bull Terrier
    • Tibetan Spaniel

    Also, note that the dogs must be at least 8 years old or more than that while traveling within The U.S. as well as Puerto Rico.

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    Along with that, the checked pets will only be allowed to connect through the cities described below;

    • Charlotte, NC (CLT)
    • Chicago O’Hare, IL (ORD)
    • Dallas / Fort Worth, TX (DFW)
    • Los Angeles, CA (LAX)
    • New York Kennedy, NY (JFK)
    • New York LaGuardia, NY (LGA)
    • Miami, FL (MIA)
    • Philadelphia, PA (PHL)
    • Phoenix, AZ (PHX)
    • Washington Reagan, DC (DCA)

    If you need to know about fees for Pets in Airlines then go through the list described below;

    You can only Checks pets for Active-duty U.S. Military and State Department personnel onlyWithin the United States and Canada, Mexico, Central and South America and the Caribbean, Europe, as well as the United Kingdom$200 per kennel
    $150 to/from Brazil
    Cargo petCan varyCan vary and also, the fees, will be only confirmed at the time of booking.
    Carry-on petWithin and between the United States and Canada, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean depending on the policies$125 per kennel
    Service animalsAll destinationsNo charge

    Need More Assistance?

    If you want to know more about the policy on How to take your pets with you in Airline then you are free to reach the experts as soon as you want. They are available 24/7 hours to guide you, so reach them instantly for getting the best guidelines related to American Airlines & its pet policies. Call +1-866-217-1292 and get the best support with Flights Spot Finder.

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