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Check Delta Airlines Pet Policy 2023

    delta pet policy
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    Know Everything About Delta Pet Policy

    If you want to fly with the Delta flight and also bring your pet like a dog, cat, or bird then you should know about the Delta pet policy.  If you don’t know the pet policy for Delta Airlines then you are at the right place.

    Here, you will get the complete details about Delta Pet Policy. Also, in case of any difficulties related to it then must reach the experts right away for complete guidelines related to Delta Airlines.

    About Delta’s Pet Policy

    According to the Delta Pet Policy, you can easily bring small dogs, cats as well as household birds along with you in-cabin. Apart from this, it totally depends on the destinations as well as policies. Along with that, all the pets must need to fit in the pet carrier and must be at least 10 weeks old if you are traveling with domestic travel.

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    For international flights, the pet must need to be at least 16 weeks old. And if you are traveling to the EU then in such case, the dog needs to be 15 weeks older.

    Normally, according to the pet policy in Delta Airlines, the passengers can only carry one pet on the flight. But in some cases, you can fly with multiple pets.

    For instance, one female dog or cat can easily travel with un-weaned litter. If you have two pets of the same breed and if they can fit in one carrier then you can go with multiple pets.

    You should also avoid seats designated as no stowage and carry-on pets are also allowed in the cabin, especially in flat-bed seats, international business class, international delta one as well as Delta Premium Select.

    Along with that, there are many additional restrictions while flying with the pet on Delta outside the U.S;

    • You can bring only household birds on domestic U.S. flights.
    • You are not allowed to bring pets to Hawaii, The United Kingdom, and Ireland.
    • You are not allowed to travel with your pet from Hong Kong, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.
    • The CDC has been currently banning dogs from entering the U.S. due to rabies.

    The larger dogs are not allowed and check with the airlines on a regular basis for the updated details.

    About Delta Air Lines’ Pet Carrier Needs

    All the pets who are allowed on the Delta flight must fit into the pet carrier or kennel as well as the carrier. Apart from this, the kennel must fit under the seat in front of you easily.

    The pet carrier can be soft or hard in the corners. But make sure it should be leak-proof. Also, the pet must be able to move around from the sides. Along with that, the pet must stay in your carrier on the aircraft as well as in Delta lounges.

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    Also, Delta recommends a soft-sized kennel that should be a maximum size of 18 inches by 11 inches. Some seats might have featured more under-seat storage as well as fit the larger kennel.

    The agent will properly record the kennel dimensions while contacting Delta Airlines for pet reservations.

    If you are flying with the pet on Delta then your pet carrier should be counted as your carry-on item. Along with that, you can easily bring one personal item depending on the board while traveling with your pet on Delta Airlines.

    Need Assistance?

    If you need some help related to how to take your pet on Delta Airlines then contact a professional for quick help. The experts are always there to guide you 24/7 hours. So reach them instantly for getting the complete guidelines related to airlines.

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