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Complete Guide For Checking Air Canada Check-In Status

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    Air Canada Check-In Guide

    Checking in for your Air Canada flight is easy and can be done in several convenient ways. Here we give a step-by-step guide for the Air Canada Check-in process.

    If you want to know more about the Air Canada check-in process, then this is the best post for you. You can also bookmark this page for further reading if you have a busy schedule. To get instant help, you can call us at our toll-free number +1-888-797-9785.

    Different Ways To Do Air Canada Check-in

    different ways to do Air Canada Check-in

    Here we give some best ways to check in to Air Canada Flights, Please check them.

    Online Check-In Through Website

    online check-in through website

    Here are some tips for checking in online for an Air Canada flight through their website.

    • First of all, open the Air Canada Airline’s website and click on “Check In” at the top of the page. You’ll need your booking reference number and last name along with you.
    • On the check-in page, enter your flight information and click “Check In Now”.
    • Select your seats if needed and continue through the process.
    • Print or email your boarding pass once check-in is complete.

    This is how you can easily check in your Air Canada Flight.

    Through Mobile App

    Air Canada online check in through mobile app

    You can also perform your Air Canada check-in through the Air Canada mobile app. Here we give some simple instructions to do Air Canada check-in, please check them.

    • For this, you need to Download Air Canada mobile app on your iOS or Android device.
    • After installation of the mobile app, open the app and tap “Check In”.
    • Enter your booking details like your booking reference number and your last name.
    • Select “Check In” and check for your upcoming flight.
    • Select seats if needed and continue through the check-in process on your phone.
    • You can add your mobile boarding pass to your phone’s digital wallet for easy access once check-in is complete.

    This is how you can use your mobile phone for Air Canada Check-in. It is recommended to print your boarding pass from the app.

    Pro Tips:

    You can also check in online and download your boarding pass if you have only carry-on bags. If you are checking bags, you will need to bring them to the airport and drop them off at the Air Canada baggage drop counters.

    Airport Check-In

    airport check in

    If you do not prefer online check-in, then you can use the Airport Check-in facility. For airport check-in, you need to arrive at least 90 minutes before domestic flights and 2-3 hours before international flights at the airport.

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    Proceed to the Air Canada check-in counters and provide your booking reference/e-ticket information. An agent will print your boarding pass and baggage tags if you are checking bags. Take your checked bags to the baggage drop area once you have your tags.

    Keep your boarding pass and carry-on bags with you as you proceed through airport security to your gate. Make sure you arrive at the boarding gate at least 45 minutes before departure.

    Self-Service Kiosks

    self service kiosks check in

    If you prefer self-check-in, then this is the best option for you. This is helpful in faster airport check-in and now many airports have self-service kiosks.

    Use your booking reference or e-ticket number to Air Canada reservation. Take your checked bags to the baggage drop counters after printing your tags.

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    Checking in early and knowing the check-in deadlines for your flight will help ensure a smooth start to your Air Canada trip. Following the easy check-in options above will get you to the airport and on your way. Have a great flight!

    Other Tips For A Hassle-Free Journey

    Here we give some of the best tips for you that make your journey hassle-free and smooth.

    • Online check-in typically opens 24 hours before departure for domestic flights, and 48 hours before for international.
    • Make sure to have your passport info available if checking in for an international flight.
    • You can typically check 1 bag for free on Air Canada when checking in online. Additional fees apply for extra bags.
    • If you need to make any changes to your booking, do so before you complete the online check-in.
    • If you have a boarding pass on your phone, you can proceed directly to airport security in most cases.


    In conclusion, you can do Air Canada check-in easily online or offline. If you still have any issues with Air Canada checking in then call Air Canada Customer Service at +1-888-797-9785.

    Our best technician will help you with the best solution. To talk with our tech team members, you can also use our live chat support.

    Air Canada Check-In FAQs

    Question: When can I check in for my Air Canada flight?

    Answer: Air Canada Flight online Check-in opens starting 24 hours before your scheduled departure time up until 60 minutes before departure. At the airport, check-in counters generally close 45-60 minutes before the flight.

    Question: What do I need to check in?

    Answer: You will need your booking reference/PNR record locator or e-ticket number and last name. Be prepared with your passport at the airport for identification.

    Question: Can I check in if I only have carry-on bags?

    Answer: Yes, you can check in online or at airport kiosks even if only traveling with carry-on luggage.

    Question: Do I have to print my boarding pass if I check in online?

    Answer: No print is required. You can save your mobile boarding pass in your smartphone wallet or take a screenshot to show at the gate. However, you will still need to check bags at the airport if you have any.

    Question: What are the baggage allowance and fees for Air Canada?

    Answer: Carry-on allowance is 1 personal item and 1 standard item. Checked bag fees and weight limits vary by ticket fare and destination. Basic economy fares allow 1 free checked bag. Review baggage policies on Air Canada’s website.

    Question: What if I need to make a flight change?

    Answer: Log in to your reservation online or call Air Canada to make flight changes in advance. Same-day flight changes may need to be made at the airport.

    Question: What documents do children need for travel?

    Answer: Children under 18 may need additional ID and documentation. Check Air Canada’s website for requirements based on the child’s age.

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