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Everything To Know About Air Canada Change Fee 2023

    Air Canada Change Fee
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    Air Canada Change Fee: What You Need to Know

    Air Canada Change Fee. Sometimes it happens that we need to make some changes in our flight tickets like name spellings and DOB. If you also want to make some changes to your ticket and want to know what the fee is, then read this post. Air Canada charges a fee if you need to make changes to your flight booking after ticket purchase.

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    Here we have 5 common questions asked by travelers about Air Canada’s change fee policy. You can check them and get the best answer quickly.

    How Much Is Air Canada’s Change Fee?

    Air Canada charges a $100 CAD change fee per direction, per passenger on flights within Canada and between Canada and the U.S. For international itineraries, the change fee is $200 CAD. Additional fare differences may also apply if the new flight has a higher price.

    What Changes Are Subject To The Change Fee?

    The change fee applies to date changes, routing changes, and name changes. You can change your flight date and routing without paying the fee only if your original booking is in a fully refundable fare class.

    Are There Any Exceptions To The Change Fee?

    Yes, the change fee is waived if you are changing to another Air Canada-operated flight of equal or greater value in the same booking class of service. The fee is also waived if you are changing due to a family emergency involving an immediate family member.

    Can The Change Fee Be Refunded?

    Air Canada does not refund change fees. The only way to get the change fee back is if you cancel the entire booking and the ticket is refundable.

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    Then the change fee would be deducted from the refund amount. Apart from this, if your flight cancellation reason is a family emergency due to health then you can also get a refund of your ticket.

    How Do I Change My Booking To Avoid Paying The Change Fee?

    To avoid the change fee, you can cancel your original booking for a full refund if it is in a refundable fare class. Then, make a new booking on your preferred dates and flights. Keep in mind cancellation policies still apply if you booked a non-refundable fare.


    In summary, Air Canada’s change fee is $100-$200 CAD per direction, per passenger, depending on the itinerary. The fee provides more flexibility if you need to adjust your plans after booking. Carefully review fare rules before booking and changing flights to minimize change fees.

    If you want to change your Air Canada Flight and facing an issue then call us. Our toll-free number is +1-888-797-9785 or use live chat for free.

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