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Check What Is VivaAerobus Pet Policy 2023

    VivaAerobus Pet Policy
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    VivaAerobus Pet Policy

    If you are planning to fly with your pet then make sure that you have well information about the airlines’ pet policy in which you want to fly. It can be a good experience to fly with your pet. If you are planning to book a VivaAerobus flight then read VivaAerobus pet policy before booking the air tickets.

    This will help you to ensure a smooth and stress-free journey for you and your pet. In this article, we will explain to you the pet policy of VivaAerobus so that you have a clear knowledge of how to fly with your pet.

    Types of Pets Allowed

    Whether you have a small dog, cat, or even a guide dog, VivaAerobus welcomes them on board. However, there are restrictions on a certain breed, so it’s advisable to check the pet policy before booking your VivaAerobus flight tickets.

    Small Dogs And Cats

    VivaAerobus allows small dogs and cats to travel in the cabin with their owners. It’s important to ensure that the carrier provides enough space for your pet so that it can feel comfortable to stand, turn, and lie down.

    Guide And Service Dogs

    VivaAerobus fully recognizes and appreciates the invaluable services provided by guides and service dogs. These specially trained animals are allowed to accompany their owners in the cabin free of charge. To ensure a hassle-free experience, it’s recommended to inform the airline in advance about your guide or service dog’s presence.

    Cabin Restrictions And Guidelines

    When it comes to traveling with pets in the cabin, VivaAerobus has a few guidelines in place to ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers.

    Pet Carrier Requirements

    To guarantee a pleasant journey for your furry friend, VivaAerobus mandates specific requirements for pet carriers. Keep in mind that the pet carrier must be well-ventilated and leakproof. Apart from this, the pet has enough space inside the cabin to move. And the cabin dimensions should be such that it comes under the seat.

    Additional Weight Allowance

    While VivaAerobus recognizes that your pet’s presence adds to the travel experience, they also understand the importance of maintaining a balanced and safe cabin environment.

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    As such, the weight of the pet and its carrier is typically included in your regular cabin baggage allowance. However, it’s advisable to check with the airline for any specific limitations or charges that may apply.

    Pet Comfort And Calmness

    Pets, just like humans, may experience anxiety or discomfort during air travel. Ensure that the pet has full space to move so that the pet feels comfortable during the flight. Additionally, avoid feeding your pet a large meal right before the flight to prevent any potential discomfort.

    Cargo Restrictions And Guidelines

    In certain cases, if your pet exceeds the size and weight limitations set by VivaAerobus, they may need to travel in the cargo hold. Although VivaAerobus tries to accommodate pets in the cabin whenever possible, the comfort and safety of your pet are their utmost priorities.

    Traveling in the Cargo Hold

    For pets traveling in the cargo hold, VivaAerobus has established specific guidelines and regulations to ensure their well-being throughout the journey. It’s important to note that VivaAerobus does not accept brachycephalic breeds (snub-nosed) in the cargo hold, as it can pose significant health risks to these animals during air travel.

    Preparing Your Pet for Cargo Travel

    If your pet needs to travel in a cargo hold, it’s crucial to take certain measures to ensure their safety and comfort. Prior to the flight, it’s recommended to acclimate your pet to the travel crate or carrier they will be placed inside. Familiarize them with the enclosed space, allowing them to feel secure and at ease. Additionally, ensure that the carrier meets all the necessary requirements set by VivaAerobus for cargo transport.


    VivaAerobus focus on customers’ comforts whether you are flying with your pet also. They will treat you in a better way. Apart from this, if you have any other queries regarding ticket booking, feel free to contact us.

    Our toll-free number is +1-888-797-9785. Apart from this, our live chat service is also available for our customers. You can use it free of cost.

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