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The Complete Guide to Stress-Free Spirit Airlines Check-In

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    Spirit Airlines is a low-cost American airline that provides affordable air travel options for passengers. If we talk about the checking process of Spirit Airlines whether you use a website or phone, both processes are so easy. Here is a comprehensive guide to Spirit Airlines check-in policies and procedures.

    Comprehensive means complete like how to do Spirit flight check-in and how to do Spirit Airlines baggage check-in online.

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    Apart from this, we will explain to you the different methods that you can use for Spirit Airlines check-in. So, be with us and learn all about Spirit Airlines check-in procedures.

    Spirit Airlines Check-In Methods

    Here we give some different methods that you can use for Spirit check-in online.

    Online Check-In Process

    It is the easiest way to check in for your Spirit flight online. You can easily and quickly do online check-in through the Spirit website or mobile app. You can perform an online check-in process 24 hours before your flight departure time.

    How To Do Spirit Airlines Online Check-In?

    Here we give some simple instructions and by following them you can easily complete your online check-in.

    • To check-in online, simply go to Spirit’s website and click on the check-in link.
    • Enter your flight details like the ticket confirmation number and your last name.
    • On the next page, select your seat assignments if you haven’t already pre-selected them. Continue following the prompts to check-in.
    • Once you complete online check-in, you can print your boarding pass or save it to your mobile wallet if you have a smartphone.
    • Having your mobile boarding pass ready when you arrive at the airport speeds up the process.

    This is how you can easily complete your Spirit Airlines Check-in Online.

    Check-In at Kiosks

    The second method to do Spirit Airlines check-in is to Check in at Kiosks. If you don’t check in online, you can use the self-service check-in kiosks at Spirit Airports. Kiosk check-in opens 24 hours prior to departure and closes 45 minutes before scheduled takeoff time.

    How To Check-In at Kiosks?

    Follow the given instructions to check in at Kiosks.

    • Find a kiosk at your departure airport and scan your confirmation code barcode from your itinerary.
    • Follow the screen prompts to choose your seat.
    • Print your boarding pass if needed.

    Note: Baggage fees may apply based on your fare type.

    Check-in At Ticket Counter

    If you miss the online and kiosk check-in deadlines, you will have to check in at the airport ticket counter. The cutoff for ticket counter check-in is 45 minutes before departure time.

    Process Of Check-In At Ticket Counter?

    To check in at the ticket counter, please follow the given instructions.

    • First, go to the Spirit ticket counter with your photo ID and confirmation code.
    • An agent will check you in, assign seats if available, print boarding passes, and charge any baggage fees.

    Expect longer lines at the airport counter, so build in extra time. That’s why people prefer online check-in or Kiosk Check-in.

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    These are the different ways for Spirit Airlines to check-in. Now, we will explain the Baggage Policy for check-in.

    Spirit Airlines Baggage Policies for Check-In

    Baggage is one of the important parts of our journey. We need to carry the necessary things in our baggage so we must know about the baggage policy of the airlines in which we travel.

    Every airline has its own baggage policy. Here we give Spirit Airlines baggage check-in online. Spirit Airlines charges additional fees for checked and carry-on bags based on your fare type. Here are the baggage allowances:

    Basic Economy Fare – 1 personal item free (16x14x12 inches), $35 for a carry-on bag, $30 for a first checked bag.

    Standard Fare – 1 personal item and 1 carry-on bag free, $30 for the first checked bag.

    Big Front Seat Fare – Same baggage allowance as Standard.

    You can pre-pay for checked bags online to save some money. At the airport, you will have to pay carry-on and checked bag fees during check-in if you didn’t pre-pay. Size limits apply, so check Spirit’s website if you have any oversized items.

    Boarding Pass Info

    Your boarding pass will have key information that you need for security and boarding. Here we give the key information that is present in your boarding pass, please check them.

    • Digital barcode – Scans at TSA security and boarding gate.
    • Flight number, departure & arrival time.
    • Boarding group/zone.
    • Assigned seat number.
    • Gate number – check airport screens for changes.

    During check-in, review your boarding pass thoroughly to ensure all information is accurate before proceeding to your gate. It will help you to get rid of any issues at the last moment. Keep your pass ready through security and boarding so your flight isn’t delayed.

    Spirit Airlines Check-in Timeframe

    If you want hassle-free travel with airlines, then you should know about the airline’s check-in time. Spirit Airline check-in time is different for domestic and international flights.

    Spirit recommends arriving at the airport at least 2 hours before your scheduled departure time for domestic flights. For international flights, you should get to the airport 3 hours in advance.

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    You can check in online or at airport self-service kiosks 24 hours prior to your departure. Online check-in closes 60 minutes before scheduled departure, while kiosk check-in stops 45 minutes before takeoff.

    If you haven’t checked in by the cutoff time, you will have to check in at the airport ticket counter.

    Checking In Late/At the Gate

    Spirit Airlines does not allow late check-ins past the 45-minute cutoff time. If extenuating circumstances prevent you from checking in on time, speak politely with a Spirit agent at the gate to see if an exception can be made. However, the airline is not obligated to allow late check-ins.

    So, get to the airport early to avoid missing the check-in deadline. Sign up for flight status notifications, allow extra drive time, and move quickly through security. Following Spirit’s check-in rules and timeframes is key to avoiding problems.


    In conclusion, Spirit Airlines check-in is an easy and straightforward process if you follow the recommended timelines. Check-in online 24 hours prior to departure, use airport kiosks if needed.

    Know the baggage policies to avoid fees and review your boarding pass closely. Arrive early at the airport and get checked in on time. Following these tips will make your Spirit Airlines check-in smooth and hassle-free.

    To get instant help, feel free to contact Flights Spot Finder. Our tech support team helpline number is +1-888-797-9785. To get help in chat use our live chat support service for free.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Here is a FAQ section covering common questions about Spirit Airlines check-in:

    Question: When can I check-in for my Spirit flight online?

    Answer: You can check in online 24 hours before your flight departure time. Online check-in closes 60 minutes before departure.

    Question: What information do I need to check in online?

    Answer: The confirmation code and the last name on the reservation, you need to check during check-in online.

    Question: Can I pick my seat when I check in?

    Answer: Yes, if you haven’t already pre-selected seats, you can pick your seat assignments during online or kiosk check-in. Seat selection may be limited close to departure.

    Question: What are the baggage fees when checking in?

    Answer: Spirit charges for carry-on and checked bags based on your fare type. Baggage fees range from $30-$35 for carry-ons and first checked bags. Pre-pay to save your time.

    Question: What if I miss the online and kiosk check-in deadlines?

    Answer: If you miss the online and kiosk deadlines, you must check in at the ticket counter no later than 45 minutes before departure to avoid being denied boarding.

    Question: Can I make flight changes during check-in?

    Answer: No, changes must be made directly with Spirit’s reservations department. Check-in is for selecting seats, printing boarding passes, and paying baggage fees only.

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