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Know All About Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy 2023

    Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy
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    Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy

    Are you planning a trip with Southwest Airlines? If yes then this post is going beneficial to you because you know all about the Airlines policy. In this post, you will learn the Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy because no one knows when you need to cancel your flight.

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    If you know about the cancellation policy of Southwest Airlines then it will be helpful for you in a cancellation situation. So, if you want to know about the Southwest flight cancellation then this post is for you. Check all about Southwest’s Cancellation Policy.

    Understanding Southwest Airlines’ Cancellation Policy

    Here we give the Southwest Airlines Flight Cancellation policy in detail, please check them.

    Flexibility in Cancelling or Changing Flights

    Southwest Airlines provides a lot of flexibility in cancelling and changing the flights. So that every customer can easily change or cancel their flight. Unlike many other airlines, Southwest Airlines don’t charge hefty cancellation fees. Southwest Airlines offers a substantial policy that allows passengers to cancel or change their flight without any penalties.

    Policy Applicable to All Fares

    Southwest Airlines provides you a policy that is applicable to all fares. So you can book Southwest airlines any flight without any tension.

    Refunds and Travel Funds

    When you cancel a flight Southwest Airlines provide you with two options: a refund or travel funds. Let’s take a closer look at each option:


    If you choose to receive a refund, Southwest Airlines will initiate the reimbursement process. The refund will be transferred to the original payment method that you used during the booking. Please note that refund can take some time to your account.

    Travel Funds

    On the other hand, if you want travel funds then the total value of the ticket will be converted into travel funds. This travel fund you can use to book future flights with Southwest Airlines. These travel funds are valid for up to one year from the date of purchase.

    No Change Fees

    The best thing about the Southwest Cancellation policy is the No Change Fees. It means if you need to change your flight for some reason like date, time, or destination then you can change your flight without any cancellation fees.

    Non-Transferability of Funds

    It’s important to note that travel funds with Southwest Airlines are non-transferable. This means that only the original ticket holder can utilize the travel funds for future bookings. So if you lost your ticket then no one can use that ticket. Apart from this, travel funds cannot be exchanged for cash or transferred to another person.

    How to Cancel or Change a Southwest Airlines Flight?

    Till now you have knowledge about Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy. Now its time to check the cancellation policy of Southwest Airlines.

    • Online

    The first way to cancel your southwest airlines is to cancel your flight online. You can visit their official website to cancel your flight online. Go to the “Manage Reservations” section and enter your confirmation number and your name. From there, you have the freedom to modify your booking according to your preferences.

    • Phone

    Cancel your Southwest airline flight with the phone is the second way that you can use to cancel the flight. Pick the phone and dial Southwest Airlines Customer Support number +1-888-797-9785.

    • Airport Counter

    The third option to cancel your airline’s flight is to visit the Southwest Airlines counter. Their staff will help you and get the best solution.


    This is all about Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy. I hope you like this post and that it will become beneficial to you. If you need any help then call the Flights Spot Finder at their toll-free number +1-888-797-9785 anytime.

    So, in this article, we covered the cancellation policy of Southwest Airlines. Apart from this, how to cancel your Southwest airline flight.

    For any help, you can call us anytime or use our live chat support for free.

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