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What Is Frontier Flight Change Policy 2023?

    Frontier Flight Change Policy
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    Frontier Airlines Flight Change Policy And Process

    Frontier Airlines offers their passengers the ability to make changes to their booked flights. For this, they charge some change fees. In this article, we will discuss the Frontier flight change policy and process, along with some frequently asked questions.

    What Is Frontier Flight Change Policy 2023?

    Here we give some points of Frontier Flight Change Policy 2023, please check them.

    • Changes must be made at least 60 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. Changes made within 60 minutes are not allowed.
    • Change fees apply to all flight changes except those related to family emergencies. The change fee amount depends on the fare type purchased:
    1. Discount Den fares: $49 change fee per segment.
    2. Standard fares: $99 change fee per segment.
    3. REFUNDABLE fares: Changes allowed without fees.
    • If the new flight has a higher fare, you will also need to pay the fare difference in addition to any change fees.
    • If the new flight has the same or lower fare, you will only pay the change fee (if applicable).
    • Refunds are not issued for flight changes. The value of the original ticket will be applied to the new flight booking.
    • Flight changes can only be made by contacting Frontier Airlines directly via phone or online chat. Changes cannot be made through online booking.

    This is the policy of Frontier Airlines Flight Change 2023.

    Frontier Airlines Flight Change Process

    Please check the given instructions for the Frontier Airlines flight change process.

    • Contact Frontier Airlines by phone at 1-801-401-9000 or via online chat at
    • Provide your name, booking confirmation code, and original flight details.
    • Request your desired change (new flight time, date, etc.).
    • A Frontier agent will look up new flight options and associated fares.
    • If change fees and/or fare differences apply, you will need to provide payment information.
    • Once payment is processed, the agent will ticket your new itinerary.
    • You will receive a confirmation email with your updated flight details

    This is the process of changing Frontier Airlines flights.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here we give some frequently asked questions that will be helpful to you in finding your questions answers.

    Question: What if the fare for my new flight is lower?

    Answer: If the new flight has a lower fare, you will not receive any refund for the fare difference. You will only need to pay any applicable change fees.

    Question: Can I change the origin or destination city when I change my flight?

    Answer: No, flight changes are only allowed for the same origin and destination. To book a new route, you would need to cancel your original booking and make a new reservation.

    Question: What if I need to change my flight due to an emergency situation?

    Answer: Frontier does make emergency exceptions to change fees in certain situations involving health, military leave, etc. Please contact them to explain your circumstances.

    Question: How long before my flight can I make a change?

    Answer: You can make a change in your flight 60 minutes before your flight schedule.

    Question: Can I change just one leg of a multi-city itinerary?

    Answer: Yes, you can change individual legs or segments of a booking while leaving the rest the same. Change fees would apply for each modified segment.

    That covers the key points on Frontier’s policies and process for changing flights, as well as some frequently asked questions. Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions!


    This is all in the Frontier flight change policy. In this article, you have learned what is Frontier flight change policy and the procedure for changing your flight quickly and easily.

    If you still face any issues, then feel free to contact our tech support team at +1-888-797-9785. Our tech team is also available on Live Chat Support where you can get help.

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