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Emirates Cancellation Policy: A Complete Guide

    Emirates Cancellation Policy
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    Emirates Cancellation Policy

    Are you on the lookout for the most relevant and useful information regarding Emirates’ cancellation policy? Well then you should know that you have come across the perfect blog ever as here you will find all the fine details that you require. Do you know that by understanding and getting a piece of complete knowledge about Emirates cancellation policy you can easily handle the uncertain changes as well as manage any unforeseen financial implications?

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    So now all you would need to do is just go through this page and learn the go-to resource provided that will help you navigate through the Emirates cancellation policy.

    An Overview of Emirates Cancellation Policy

    Here we give some points regarding Emirates Cancellation Policy, please check.

    Flex fare – You should know that this is the only most flexible fare. Airlines give the passenger freedom to cancel a flight ticket or make changes to Emirates flights changes. It also allows you to do the following;

    It allows you to cancel a ticket with no fees.

    You can be eligible for a full refund of the fare that paid.

    However, the refund is possible only on certain routes.

    Saver fare – This is a discounted fare and it offers competitive pricing but also comes along with more restrictions;

    It is important to keep in mind that the flight tickets are non-refundable.

    And you only have the option of requesting an Emirates flight change for a fee.

    Special and promotion fares – The airline offers such fares only for a limited time. Because these types of fares might differ from the standard fares that are offered by Emirates.

    In this category the fares are non-refundable.

    Apart from this, flight changes and cancellations are not allowed in such fares.

    Topmost Solved FAQs

    Q1. Is it possible to cancel an Emirates flight booking?

    Ans: Well, the answer is yes. You are allowed to make changes to your bookings at by going through the ‘Manage your booking’ section. And if you like you could also keep your ticket and contact Emirates when you’re about to travel again.

    Q2. How to change the details of my trip online after completing the booking?

    Ans: You can easily make the changes to your booking by going to the ‘Manage your booking’ section. However, it is also important to note that you will find a ‘Change my booking’ link only if you are eligible for the online changes. You need to know that you could be charged for certain changes, but this totally depends on the fare conditions of your flight ticket.

    So in such a situation if your booking is not eligible for any online changes then no need to worry you can always contact your travel agent or even the Emirates contact centers only if you have gotten your booking directly with Emirates Airlines.

    Q3. Is there are fee charge for changing an Emirates flight ticket?

    Ans: Yes, some fees and charges may be applied when the changes are made to your booking but this depends on the fare conditions of your ticket completely. So if you are making the changes through the ‘Manage your Booking’ section on then you would find the charges that will be applied for penalties or any additional taxes. Furthermore, you would also need to pay the fare difference if the fare of the new itinerary that you are planning to book is higher than the previous fare that you paid. Additionally, you will also need to make the payments online to complete the changes.

    Q4. Is it allowed to make changes for only one passenger in the booking?

    Ans: NO, it is not allowed as any changes that you make online are applied to everyone on your booking. If you want to change a flight just for one person then you would need to contact Emirates customer service or the travel agent who made the booking.

    Q5. Will I get a refund if I cancel an online booking?

    Ans: Yes, definitely you will receive a full refund for your ticket cancellation. But it also depends on your fare. If you like you could just hold on to the ticket and use it to fly later instead.

    Q6. How to get a refund on an unused or only partially used Emirates ticket?

    Ans: Well, if you want to get a refund on a ticket that you have not used then you would need to cancel the ticket at ‘Manage your booking’, and then you must complete the refund form. The refund money is depending on your ticket fare. The refund amount will credit to the credit/debit card that you use to purchase the ticket.

    NOTE: You should also first check the conditions of your fare as some tickets are not refundable. Once you started the trip, there could be a cancellation charge or maybe just a portion of the fare might be refunded.

    Q7. What do you mean by ‘Fare Conditions’?

    Ans: You should know that all flights have fare conditions attached to them and this determines the price of the ticket. These are company-set rules that tell you whether a ticket is fully refundable or if there are additional charges to make changes.

    However, different fares will also have different conditions therefore you must make sure that you click on the ‘fare conditions’ section before you even book your flight or if not you could also ask your travel agent to do the same if you had them book your flight.

    NOTE: Nevertheless, you would be glad to know that Emirates has more flexible fare conditions that will make it easier for your travels.

    Q8. What happens if I applied for a UAE visa on and then changed my flight?

    Ans: In a situation like this, you would need to make sure that the visa still applies for the new travel dates.  But if your visa is already approved then no need to worry. You can use it for the next flight from the date of approval.


    So this is all about the Emirates Cancellation Policy. I hope now you have very well knowledge about the cancellation policy of Emirates Cancellation. If not and still need some other information then you can just contact the techs at They will give you the best support in a single attempt. You can also use our live chat support for free.

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