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What Is Delta Low Fare Calendar 2023?

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    What Is Delta Low Fare Calendar?

    The Delta low fare calendar is a tool provided on the Delta Air Lines website and app that allows customers to view the lowest available fares on different dates for a specific route.

    Delta’s Low Fare Calendar Key Points

    Some key things to know about Delta’s low-fare calendar:

    • It displays a full calendar month view of the cheapest Delta fares day-by-day for a flight route you search.
    • The calendar is color-coded – dates in green show the lowest fare, while dates in orange or red have higher fares.
    • You can toggle between one-way or roundtrip flights. It will show the lowest fare option.
    • It’s meant to help you easily visualize the cheapest and most expensive travel dates at a glance.
    • The fares shown are Delta’s basic economy lowest fares without extras included.
    • You still have to select a date and complete the booking to see the final price with taxes/fees.
    • It’s useful for flexible travelers who can shift dates around to fly on a cheaper day.
    • Fares are not guaranteed until ticketed, as prices can fluctuate frequently.

    So in summary, it’s a handy planning tool to see the cheapest Delta flight options for your route during a specific month.

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    The calendar view lets you quickly pick out the lowest fares based on different travel dates.

    Benefits of Delta Low Fare Calendar

    Here are some of the main benefits of using the Delta low-fare calendar:

    • See at a glance the cheapest and most expensive dates to fly for a given route. The calendar color coding makes the best fare days obvious.
    • Be flexible and adjust travel dates around the lowest fares shown on the calendar. Great for schedule-free travelers.
    • Get an advance look at fares further into the future than most other booking tools allow. The full calendar view goes out months ahead.
    • Find the best deals on mid-week flights since weekends tend to be more expensive. Fly out and back during cheaper weekdays.
    • Easily compare fares across an entire month. You can weigh dates against each other vs. checking them one by one.
    • Lock in an advanced purchase fare once you’ve identified the ideal low-fare travel date on the calendar.
    • Avoid booking last minute when fares are usually higher. The calendar lets you plan ahead.
    • No need to check repeatedly, the calendar is always up to date with Delta’s latest fares loaded.
    • See basic economy lowest fares, great if you just need the flight and can forego extras.
    • Useful for budget travelers who want an easy way to pick travel dates based on price.
    • Provides a free way to monitor fares and get an overview without having to buy tickets.

    So, in summary, the visual calendar with color-coded dates makes strategically planning travel around the best low-fare deals simple and convenient.

    How To Get Cheapest Airline Tickets Using Delta Low Fare Calendar?

    Here are some tips for using the Delta low-fare calendar to find the cheapest airline tickets:

    • Be flexible with your dates. The calendar makes it easy to see which dates have the lowest fares, so pick a travel time when there are more green/low-fare days.
    • Check the calendar often if booking in advance. Fares can change frequently, so new cheap dates may open up.
    • Click on different green dates to compare. There may be small price variations among the cheapest days.
    • Look at surrounding airports too. Toggle to check low-fare calendars from nearby airports that could save you money.
    • Adjust your trip length. The lowest fares may be for mid-week travel. Consider flying out earlier and returning later to catch those cheaper days.
    • Book early once you’ve found the best date. Fares go up as seats fill. Lock in the lowest price you see for your selected travel day.
    • Double-check the final price before booking. The calendar shows the basic economy fare only. The final price includes fees/taxes.
    • Be ready to act fast if booking last minute. Snap up any last-minute fare drops that show up on the low fare calendar.
    • Use the calendar to avoid the most expensive travel dates that are marked in red.
    • Sign up for fare alerts in case your date drops after booking. You may be able to get credit for the difference.

    This is how you can get the cheapest airline tickets using the best fare calendar.


    The Delta Low Fare calendar is an invaluable online booking tool for budget-conscious travelers aiming to get the cheapest possible airline tickets. Its unique calendar display lets you easily visualize Delta’s most affordable and expensive travel dates at a glance for any given route.

    By color-coding dates from green to red based on fare price, the calendar makes it simple to pick out the lowest fares and flexibly plan your travel around them. It reveals cheaper mid-week flights, highlights seasonal price variations, and allows advance monitoring of fares months into the future.

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    In summary, the Delta low fare calendar is the go-to free online tool for tracking down and booking the airline’s most deeply discounted fares through its unique visual date-by-date display of the cheapest flight options.

    For help, call us at +1-888-797-9785 or use live chat support to connect with our tech support team.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Question: What days are Delta flights cheapest?

    Answer: Usually, Tuesday, Wednesday, and on Saturday, Delta flights are the cheapest. On the other hand, on Friday and Sunday, the flight price is high.

    Question: How do I find fare class in Delta?

    Answer: Please follow the given instruction to find the fare class in Delta.

    • First of all, open the Fly Delta app.
    • Go to the My Trips option.
    • Choose your trip.
    • For receipt, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on Receipt.
    • You will find the fare class. There is fare class in every flight leg next to the cabin.
    Question: How to find the cheapest Delta flights to specific destinations?

    Answer: Using Delta’s discovery tool, you can find the cheapest Delta flight to a specific destination.

    Question: What days of the week do flight prices drop?

    Answer: On Tuesday and Wednesday, flight prices are the cheapest for domestic flights. If you are looking for international flights, then you can get the cheapest air tickets on Wednesday and Thursday.

    Question: What airlines give senior discounts?

    Answer: Here we give a list of those airlines that give senior discounts, please check them.

    • American Airlines
    • British Airways
    • Delta Airlines
    • Southwest Airlines
    • United Airlines

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